Innovative and high quality

Research and Development

Research and innovation are the foundations that guide our company; inside we have a department dedicated to research and development that allows us to create high quality products, without neglecting aesthetics. A team of professionals constantly studies loads and proportions; the search for innovative and high quality materials allows to create strong, durable and silent hinges. Study and research allow us to create a product that can also support important loads, be ductile for various media and compatible with multiple materials. All these features allow us to adapt our products to the multiple demands of the market.

Quality Control

Satisfying customers is our first goal; we work to ensure a product that meets their needs and fully respects our promises. For this reason, all our products undergo strict quality controls, which test their performance, durability, strength and load capacity. All our products are placed on the market only after obtaining the CE certification (DIN EN 1935 standard) synonymous with a guarantee for the European market, to ensure safety and reliability. In addition to the internal texts, our hinges are tested by external certified bodies that unequivocally guarantee the quality of the result. Our company makes product quality its key focus. What we say, we are.

Effectiveness and Functionality

Product tests

Before obtaining the necessary certifications, our products undergo tests that evaluate their effectiveness and functionality. A specialized department is responsible for verifying the various aspects necessary for the product to be performing and respecting the proposed expectations. The tests are concerned with verifying the resistance of the hinges to the various stresses to which they will be subjected: management and load capacity, resistance to impact, to external agents such as smoke, fire, water and humidity; opening angle and smoothness level of mechanical parts. No details are left out in order to obtain the best possible product for its range and market segment. Having an internal testing department gives our company the great opportunity to immediately notice the details to be improved, allowing our products to be among the leaders in the hinge industry.


The hinge in the foreground. An object that, although invisible, plays a fundamental role: support. Ours is a product that must be strong, flexible, agile and silent…requires technical requirements of the highest level, but we can not neglect the aesthetics. Our hinges are inside homes and offices and this is why Cemom offers a wide range of finishes, so that the products can be integrated in a harmonious way to the environment in which they are.


The great commitment we put into the realization of our products cannot be separated from compliance with the required safety regulations. Our products are subjected to various quality tests by certified companies, which also evaluate aspects such as protection and resistance to fire and smoke, burglary, soundproofing and durability of the product. All Cemom products comply with EC directives.