We produce hinges with excellent performance

High quality products

Research into materials and modern technologies, allow us to create beautiful, resistant products that guarantee durability.

Design and technology

Quality and design, strength and colour, the innovation of a product that reinvents itself and becomes the star.


Cemom Company

We are a dynamic company, part of a group located between Poland, France and Sweden that allows us to provide a complete service to our customers, ensuring them the ability to follow and propose the various processing processes: production, installation and maintenance of the product.

These strengths and the great passion for our work, have allowed us to become, over the years, an important point of reference in the industry, ranging from industrial to residential.

Our company numbers in a year

million hinges

Our history

Our company, founded in 1977, initially focused on traditional hinges; over time we have constantly invested in research and development, embracing new technologies and researching innovative materials to improve the performance of our products. A team of passionate, innovative and market-oriented professionals has allowed us to create a wide range of products, offering solutions adapted to the needs of our customers in various areas of work, managing to satisfy even the most demanding.

Working together​

We are a group and this guarantees the possibility to realize fundamental working processes for the success of a flawless, structurally solid and functional product.


Production Pole

Working together, being a group guarantees the possibility of realizing fundamental working processes for the success of a flawless, structurally solid and functional product. POLSOF, the company, based in Poland, creates and produces a wide range of adjustable fastening dowels for doors and windows, proposing as a flagship product the invisible hinge. The adjustable fixing anchors are perfect for wooden, metal and PVC doors and windows. The galvanising treatment also guarantees excellent resistance to durability.