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For over 40 years, thanks to our dedication to innovation and quality, we have been able to create hinges of the highest level, which are not seen with the naked eye, but support with great strength over time.

Over the years, we have been constantly working to provide innovative and high quality hinges, becoming a great benchmark in the market. We’re specialist in screwing hinges and concealed hinges for wood, aluminum, metal and PVC carpentry production. Some our production numbers: more than 60 miIlion screwing hinges produced per year and more than 2 million invisible hinges. Choose the perfect hinge for your needs.

Invisible Hinges (27)

Adjustable Hinges (6)

Classic Hinges (18)

Design the invisible.
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Our focus on the future and our attention to market needs has led us to create a wide range of products of the highest quality, offering solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, even the most demanding ones.

Cemax Group

The group, located between Poland, Sweden and France, allows to follow and develop all the various processes necessary for the realization, installation and maintenance of the product, always ensuring the best result.

New Catalogue Invisible hinges

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